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hey, sorry for not being around a lot but if i can i'll be here on Saturday, summer break starts then uvu
Thanks for the birthday wishes guys, if you're wondering, yes Rin's age will stay the same let's just say this time she's officially 19 and i appreciate it :iconmaxxlava: for the gift i loved it U u U
New Species Oc by Ask-Rin-The-Fox
New Species Oc
so i just did this out of boredom and i want make a species called zerfos, now that might be a temp. name but i sorta like it and on pronunciation i think it's most likely going to be (zer-foes) or possibly (zer-fos) as like saying frost..but anyways what im thinking of is that their a spliced species and can have up to two, three or even four animal qualities like for this drawing she's gonna have bat ears, rabbit tail and fangs like a fox or wolf now since their spliced they have mutations such as powers i wanna give her toxic powers like the Toxic Chomper from Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare since in the game it breathes toxic stuff i want her tail (possibly) to be laced with some toxic fur or another idea being that it's in her still working on it
could anyone remind me who all my ocs are with cuz i can't remember worth shit actually all i remember is that Rin, Vivi and Scott are single and some others are taken i think..i bet they aren't anymore
okay so im back now

here's a little update i just moved out of my old apartment with my mom and have internet now, so i'll do my best to be more active

also regarding my last journal i do want to make it clear that it wasn't some cry for attention or something i'm dead serious i used to "date" an old DA artist here and wen i left him after being abused by him for so long he refuses to leave me alone, he threatens me and he'll do anything trust me i'm scared he'll do something to make one of you guys hate me and i've got enough to deal with so i'm sorry i just didn't know what to do, he used me a lot, he "combed" me is the term i'll use now that that's out of the way i would like to start fresh now, i wanted to come back and see what's going on with everyone see if anyone wanted to RolePlay or something a lot of my new OC's are open from my Instagram and old OC's are revamped personality or past wise meaning anything bad that happened to them has be swept clean like Rin, Vivi, Scotty etc. so is anyone willing to im pretty bored in the new house just ask 
Thanks for the birthday wishes guys, if you're wondering, yes Rin's age will stay the same let's just say this time she's officially 19 and i appreciate it :iconmaxxlava: for the gift i loved it U u U


Ask-Rin-The-Fox's Profile Picture
Rin Shion
United States
Name: Rin Shion~

Age: 19

Height: 5'5

Weight: 132lbs

Species: Fox, Reaper

Likes: being silly, hanging with her friends and Big/Little Bro, drinking energy drinks

Dislikes: people who nag her, getting hurt emotionally, people who pull her ears and tail, spiders

R Status: Single..?

About Her: she is a very smart but predictable person, at times she can be a bit pushy but that's just her. she can be a very clingy person if she likes you, she'll get close to anyone, if your someone she hates then she'll scoff and cross her arms a lot she'll also give you a bit of attitude

My Main: :iconmaddy2890:
Sister: :iconask-mora-and-jill: :heart:
Bff: :iconsecretlyapegasus: (/°^°)/ miss ya!
other bro's of mine: :iconask-jackwilliams: & :iconask-gargoyleprince: & :iconask-pryce: & :iconask-cri: & :icondawnofthebluemoon:

more epic peeps
:icondiabolicbluecherry::iconask-alex-the-elf::iconask-cast-the-cow::iconask-computerprincess::iconask-felis::iconask-isis::iconask-jackwilliams::iconask-pryce::iconask-laylathedemon::iconask-madeline-the-lam::iconask-rachel-raccoon::iconasktonytheelf::iconakityuu:::icontiyuh::iconaskdominicfear::iconvomitingsprinkles::iconaskrocco::iconaskthegummygirl::iconask-taylortheelf::iconask-gargoyleprince::iconask-ryanthevampaneze::iconask-blitsen::iconask-dex-the-punk::iconask-fanny::iconask-liamandbillybob: :iconask-fay-the-dreamer: :iconask-toby-the-vampire: :iconask-theteam: :iconask-thewhywolf: :iconpixelodon: :iconask-charon: :iconasktheweatherroyalty: :iconask-cherry-poodle: :iconasktheprinterprince: :iconsharkj: :iconask-serca: :iconask-lala: :iconaskcodytheghost: :iconmarylittlerose: :iconaskprinceharvest: :iconz-o-k-i: :iconask-chesterlove:

SOME FLIPPIN FAN ART (look at all dat blueness~)

Question 5 by Sharkj chibi 2 by Ask-Olive-And-Oliver Majora's Mask by Dr-Henry Group:Q1:Swag? by Ask-Pryce Q 81 One at a time Ladies ! by Ask-OcsHaven CRACK COUPLE: Rin the Fox X SK by pixelodon Q and A 23 by secretlyapegasus Feeling Classy by AskDominicFear Happy Birthday! by secretlyapegasus Friend over by secretlyapegasus Just a taste by AskXylia Request 3 by Ask-LaylaTheDemon Q-Pet by AskRonny Have this Dance by Ask-TheConductor Crack Couple 2 / Fox in the Hat by Ask-TheConductor Let's fly around by Ask-TheMusicBat Question 4 by Ask-TheWhyWolf This is Halloween WIP by Ask-NigelPorter This is Halloween by Ask-NigelPorter Question 3 by dannz12 Pushing by AskSkyJack Question 4 by Ask-Charon Request- Rin by Ask-Tomboy-Princess Crack baby 1- Rin by Sharkj .: Ask Serca 5: Ears :. by Ask-Serca Q2: May I Have A Hug? by AskChiTheHuman Crack couple 1: Foxes and Theives by z-o-k-i Question 4 by Ask-William-O-Wisp Question 9: cosplay by Ask-Laila Christmas photo!!![Gift/Collab] by Ask-Auziee-May Q16 - Vest by Erin-Chan143 Would it upset you? by Little-Snowcone Gif and fanart for Rin the fox's admin UuU by Ask-Sweet-The-Human crack baby: Rosie by Ask-Sweet-The-Human Gift for Rin~ by Ask-Winter-Princess Big Sis, Little Sis~ by Ask-NigelPorter ALRK: Switch Outfits by AskLittleRedKitten My First Kiss... [Hayley X Rin Ship] by Ask-NigelPorter Request: Reily and Rin by Kintaroo rin the fox by Ask-Insane-Zoey Question 8 by Ask-the-art-wizard Finished Results by Ask-TheCandies Adventure Time with Rin and Nico by AskALiceandOthers Fan Art: Nu, Rin and Riley by AskTheseGuys Crackpair numbah 2 by Ask-WolfPrince Thanks For 140+ Watchers~ by AskTonyTheElf Rin: You are Loved, My Dear. by Ask-Doll-Face Rin The Fox by DawnoftheBlueMoon Request: Rin and Her Man by Kintaroo To the Elf Festival~ by AskTonyTheElf The Oc Whatserwhat by Dia-Roku .: Q1 GAME! :. by AskYukiTheLittleHero Crack Pairing 3: Talon and Rin by AskTalina .: Cute Animtation Rin :. by LittleMissZKits Rin the Fox by setty15 01 by AnaP15 Rin and Lile by amaitora-nya Commission 2 by Ask-Sour-Prince Kiriban Prize 2 by Ask-Leon-the-Hunter Rin :Request: by Ask-Cotton crack bby 1 by Ask-theGalaxyWitch .: Rainbow OC Request :. by LittleMissZKits :thumb380978093: Crack Couples batch 1 by MissSnowBell Crack Babies #1 by Ragetard Crack Baby: Nigel X Rin by Ask-NigelPorter [FreeRequest#2] by Ragetard Crack Babies, part two by Ask-TheStoryteller What's up? by AskTheMaskedGuy ...Hello.. by AskTheMaskedGuy

just some random stuff XP

Stamp :: Vocaloid by u-sagi Vocaloid Twins by azianwolfdoll Vocaloid- Gumi stamp oo1 by Kaze-yo Vocaloid- Gumi stamp oo2 by Kaze-yo Music In Miku by azianwolfdoll Stamp : I love Rin by Shiel000 i Love SeeU Stamp by AimiiChan Kagamine Rin by Ellexon Orihara Izaya Stamp by uchiha-itachi111 K-ON Stamp by KishiFishy Hetalia Snow - Stamp by Nami-DA Hetalia Potato Freak Stamp by NekoBattousai APH: I love Alfred Stamp by Chibikaede "Shoo-Shoo, Get out" -stamp- by WrenAgain APH: I love Matthew Stamp by Chibikaede APH - ITALYxJAPAN Stamp by leadervance Canada fight stamp by Julesie USUK Stamp - "Sexual Tensions" by MissBezz Americas icecream stamp by Julesie Hetalia stamp 001 by Floryblue12 Spinzaya Stamp by Kow-Chan Stamp ~ BunnyZaya~~ by Judiette Shizaya Chase by LOLAWESOMETIME DRRR - SHIZZY'D by saihate Another Stamp by luckygirlmarina Grell-Stamp by Euri-Jelly Durarara!!- Shizuo picks on Shinra xD by Kaze-yo Stamp Tenshi no Hikari by andersss love music stamp by Fire-Feline I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate Vocaloid MELT stamp by Jay-Han Scanty and Kneesocks Stamp by slateport Rolling Girl PV Stamp by Jay-Han Love Stamp by LadyQuintessence Wumbo Stamp by Kataoi Cake Stamp by Kezzi-Rose ::Insomniac Stamp:: by Sora05 Coffee Stamp by CarinaReis Night Person Stamp by ClearBlueSkys -.-Matthew Stamp-.- by VenomousViper3o Portal Cake Stamp by Stollrofl Portal Stamp - Irony by Happbee Rainbow Vocaloid Stamp by Vocaloid-Tia Walk Stamp by melo91 Vocaloid Group Picture by azianwolfdoll
SeeU Vocaloid Stamp by DMN666 celty2 by ElenaWinsi DRRRRRRRR by kyouyaplz hetalia ending stamp by Julesie Nadeko Sengoku Stamp - Monogatari Series by itsMYopinion DRAMAtical Murder Stamp: Noiz X Aoba by wow1076 Hetalia flags stamp by natersal Russia Stamp by Lindajing Russia Chibi-Jump Stamp by MissBezz Iggy's Hair - FrUk Stamp by AlClair PARTY HARD stamp by those-silly-demons japan kiss stamp by crazysistahs akira-sama stamp by crazysistahs Yare Yare Kagami Stamp by pkachu-kun Haruhi - Lucky star Cosplay by Baka-Monkey Lucky Star Dance Stamp... by Sheepio Paffendorf Lucky Star Stamp by Sakura-wind Lucky Star stamp by xselfdestructive Misao Stamp by xxChihiroSan Konata stamp by xselfdestructive Lucky Channel Stamp by currry Lucky Star stamp by Diversus-site luckystar-patty martin stamp by crazysistahs Lucky Star - Hiyori by Tikumon Kona Asleep by King-ah
Timotei by popstck Caramelldansen Rin Len by azianwolfdoll Blair Stamp -Soul Eater- by Seylan Maka-chan stamp by Kizu-FreaK Soul Eater Stamp - Young Stein by Petpettails123
Madoka Magica Stamp by MeepNyan SE: Nya Blair stamp by Kaze-yo Soul: Yummy STAMP by SoruIta For Kooma: Kid's stamp by KaisaCougar Yui nyan stamp by ueruchan77durarara stamp 2 by Xiahism Durarara Shizuo Stamp by erjanks Stamp - Durarara: Shinra 7 by Emiliers Shizuo by artboy70Like a Boss - Stamp v1 by NuclearFizix Stamp - Durarara: Kida 17 by Emiliers Simon by artboy70 ShinIzaaaaaaaaaaa by KanraTC Stamp 7Kimiko7 by andersss Orihara twins stamp by White-Balverine TsugaruxPsyche Fan by Majikaru-RinTaiga animated stamp by RanmaGirlSaotome Hot Chocolate Stamp by Kezzi-Rose durarara stamp by Xiahism Nepeta Glomp by MeanWhatuSay Caramell Dansen Stamp by StampBar Tuna Eats Luka by azianwolfdoll Megurine Luka by azianwolfdoll Miku Tantrum Stamp by Sky-Yoshi Miku Moods by azianwolfdoll I support Kasane Teto by SheikHexulen :: Evee Fan Stamp :: by Sweetie-Chan Stamp: Eeveelutions by Espyfluff :Leafeon Support Stamp: by Miss-Gardenia 470-1 Leafeon Stamp by Pokestamps :thumb281565395: Victini stamp by salanchu Pokemon: Keldeo by SD-DreamCrystal Crying Zorua stamp by salanchuA RadBrad Fan Stamp by Lostloveartist87 Cute Pokemon Stamp by morfachas #282 Gardevoir Stamp by Cyanide-Tea Leafstorm Snivy_Tsutarja stamp by kiraradaisukiMakoto Stamp by taokyakya :Stamp: Animated N by EciiArisu
I'm Skitty for You Stamp by InnocentDrive Monster Energy stamp by JazzaX five nights at freddy's - foxy stamp by kawaiicunt-stamps that boy is a MONSTER by ClefairyKid Madoka Fan Stamp by lolnope69 ...ORLY stamp by Neji-x-Hyuuga Nu-13 Stamp by taokyakya Izaya Stamp by mikoru-san Skullgirls Stamp: Squigly by AbsolutePineapple mako machine gun stamp by kawaiicunt-stamps

Durarara fan~<3


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